The Training Activities Continue

As we shared in the previous newsletter edition, FSL-Aromatech held its first ever training for Basic Sensory Evaluation in order to educate and form a group of trained panellists who will be the point of contact should an in-depth evaluation be required for certain flavor projects.

On 19th of August 2019, the qualified trained panellists had their first of a series of in-depth and extensive training sessions in organoleptic profiles and flavor descriptors. The participants were given the chance to learn about different molecules used to create a strawberry flavor and how each molecule affects the profile of the flavor from being green to ripe strawberry. Most importantly, panellists were able to have a hands-on experience of making their own strawberry flavor as instructed and trained by our in-house flavorist, Juliette Desnos.

The next training session which will take place in the last quarter of the year, will focus exclusively on banana flavors.