Innov'Flavor - Q1 2022


Jerky snacks are thin strips of meat which are salted, spiced and then dried for preservation and to create a firm chewy texture which has been enjoyed for centuries.

The flavorists of our USA subsidiary invite you to discover this amazing new flavor which brings character to savory applications such as beef jerky, dip sauces, spreads or meat analogues.

The organoleptic profile of this flavor is mainly characterized by sulphur, salty and dried meat notes.

The recipe we recommend utilizes 0.3% of powder Beef Jerky flavor.


Dive into the world of gourmet delights with our new Choco’Nut flavor created by our team of flavorists in France.

The organoleptic profile is characterized by cocoa and hazelnut notes and will bring a familiar sweetness to applications such as syrups, milks, ice creams, cream desserts and ganache.

We invite you to relish this gourmet flavor in syrups with a recipe application of 0.10% – 0.30% in the final product.