The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred consumer demand for healthy food and beverage products while the sales of products which carry known immunity boosting claims have increased significantly over the past 3 months. There was already a definitive trend towards consumer demand for healthier products taking place over the past decade but the COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this trend and made consumers very aware of the how important health and immunity are in a post COVID world.

At the same time, consumers have been living a very mundane life under lockdown for 3 months and will be seeking novelty and new experiences to broaden their horizons as we slowly emerge from this crisis.

In our quest for a product which would suffice these two pressing needs, our research led to the discovery of the Baobab fruit which is also known as “Ubuyu” on the East coast of Africa.


Health benefits of Ubuyu Fruit

Ubuyu fruit made its debut in the international market and is touted for its incredible health benefits.
It is known to contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which improve digestive health, support the immune system and hydrates the skin.

The pulp of Ubuyu fruit is also rich in:

  1. Vitamin C (immunity booster)
  2. Protein
  3. Fiber
  4. Phosphorus
  5. Healthy Lipids
  6. Calcium

FSL’s technical team and flavor specialists in the UAE

In collaboration with our technical team in France, conducted an extensive sensory analysis of the Ubuyu fruit which was successful in our venture of “from-fruit-to-flavor” that will enhance the taste of Ubuyu based products. The flavor comes in a wide variety of profiles that will suit different taste preferences of consumers.

Ubuyu has a natural citrus-kick taste that is suitable in various food application.
In our Dubai lab, we were able to develop Ubuyu juice drink and ice lollies using the fruit pulp and our very own Ubuyu flavor.

What makes the Ubuyu flavor innovative?

As FSL Flavors continue to expand its flavor library, we ensure that each new flavor which we create has its spotlight on innovation that focuses on the following:

  1. Cost Efficiency
  2. Uniqueness yet familiarity of taste
  3. Flexibility of the Application
  4. Variability in forms(available in powder and/or liquid)

The flavors industry is growing and changing just as the world continues to grow and change.

Our mission at FSL Flavors is to specialize in creating trademark flavor profiles to offer our customers a taste of the future so that their brand’s may be the first to take a share of it.


Organoleptic Profile

Classic Ubuyu

Fruity, sour, green

Other Variants

Ubuyu Candy Flavor

Fruity, spicy, peppery

Suggested Application and Dosages

Recommended Dosage
Ice Lollies
0.10% – 0.15%
Ice Cream
0.15% – 0.20%
0.10% – 0.15%