DuPont & FSL: All-purpose Bread, Bun and Croissant Improver: Grindsted Powerbake Premium A8300

DuPont & FSL have developed an all-purpose bread improver that can be applied in wide range of bread applications. Our objective is to simplify the work of bakers and optimize the functional characteristics of their products.

GRINDSTED POWERBAKE PREMIUM A8300 – A blend of emulsifier and food enzyme preparations in powder form.

Our all-purpose bread improver is a well-balanced combination of various baking ingredients mixed together with the right formulation to offer the following properties:

  • Reducing agents to restructure gluten
  • Providing oxidants to strengthen the gluten network for optimal gas retention
  • Appropriately dosed baking enzymes, including alfa amylase, to release fermentable sugars that feed the yeast
  • Antistaling enzyme which gives better resilience and prolonged freshness of bread items
  • High grade emulsifiers to consolidate gluten for increased tolerance and which enhance crumb softness


✅ Improved volume
✅ Improves dough stability
✅ Improves crumb softness
✅ Improves crumb structure
✅ Improves freshness and resilience of toast bread for 7 to 10 days

✅ Can be used as bread / bun / brioche / croissant improver
✅ Can be used for brown bread / high fiber bread / multigrain bread with dosage variations


For toast bread, sweet bun and burger bun 0.7 to 1%

For croissant / brioche

1 to 1.2%

For brown bread / multigrain bread

1.2 to 1.5%