SternVitamin: Take advantage of the better-for-you trend with fortified food and beverages

Health and wellness have always been one of the primary drivers of innovation in different beverage subcategories. In recent years, the emphasis on healthy dietary practices has intensified, driving heightened expectations for food and beverage formulations. Today, consumers are increasingly adopting preventative health measures. For instance, they boost their vitamin and mineral intake with fortified foods and drinks.

FSL and SternVitamin have addressed this demand by offering tailor-made micronutrient premixes to fortify a wide range of products, including beverages, dairy items, and plant-based alternatives. The perfect combination makes all the difference.

Looking for new product ideas?

  • Get inspired by a selection of our premix solutions given below
  • Every premix can be customised according to your preferences
  • Or we develop a new premix solution, that meets your needs
  • Specific requirements of your product and production processes will always be considered

Draw on our technical know-how to define your tailor-made premix for your beverages! Contact the team at to discuss your requirements.

Know more about SternVitamin

Founded in 2006, SternVitamin provides comprehensive solutions in the field of micronutrient premixes. SternVitamin develops micronutrient premixes of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. Additionally, their formulations can be enriched with other functional ingredients such as amino acids and plant extracts, ensuring a holistic approach to a consumers needs of nutrition and wellness.

Examples of SternVitamin’s Premix Solutions:

Breaking Fast – Refresh and Recovery

Premix for pasteurized yogurt drinks

  • Rehydrates through electrolytes
  • Provides mental energy and improves cognitive function through B-vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium
  • Supports the immune system with essential micronutrients


Premix for plant-based and instant drinks to support heart health

  • B-vitamins contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism, red blood cell formation, muscle function and a strong nervous system, important for a healthy heart
  • Vitamin C improves aortic elasticity and raises the ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL)
  • Vitamin K1 supports the function of blood vessels