Protective Cultures for Dairy Products

HOLDBAC™ Protective Cultures comprise strains of bacteria that have been specially selected and developed for their ability to control the growth of pathogenic and/or spoilage micro-organisms in fermented foods.

The bacteria used in HOLDBAC™ YM Protective Cultures have a specific inhibitory effect on yeasts and moulds and are designed for use in fresh fermented dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream, sour milk, fresh cheese and cottage cheese.

  • Live cultures – isolated from food
  •  Unique properties – control unwanted microorganisms
  •  Negligible effect on product properties
  •  Fermentation process is required
  •  Both dairy-based and non-dairy (without dairy allergens)


✅ Safe and natural solution: One of the advantages of protective cultures is that microorganisms are perceived in the dairy industry as a technical prerequisite. Either they do not have to be declared at all or, if they do, they can be declared as starter cultures, which are recognized as safe. They can replace chemical food protection solutions such as potassium sorbate, which can have a negative impact on organoleptic qualities and may delay fermentation.

✅ Shelf life extension or maintenance: HOLDBAC™ YM cultures guard against a diversity of yeasts and moulds, making fresh fermented dairy products less susceptible to spoilage during their shelf life, reducing potential consumer returns and protecting the brand image. Shelf life can even be extended, facilitating distribution over long distances and allowing the production of larger batches.

✅ Easy Handling

✅ Cost Reduction


HOLDBAC™ YM cultures are available in frozen concentrated and freeze-dried forms for direct milk inoculation. No adjustment of the manufacturing process is required prior to use. The cultures are simply added to the process milk together with the starter culture used for fermentation.