Ice Cream: Create New Concepts Bursting with Flavor

Lactosan’s Cheese Powders provide a wide range of new possibilities, both in pasteurized ice creams and in ready to use instant powder solutions. We can help you to create a distinctive cheese taste or our Cheese Powders can be used to boost other flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla.

Typically, most producers use Mascarpone, Quark, Cream Cheese, Fromage Frais or Brunost, however we can also help inspire you to combine these with other flavor components, such as Blue Cheese and Walnuts, Chocolate and naturally Smoked Cheese and Brunost and Sea Salt.

Benefits of Cheese Powders

✅ Uniform, standardized quality                             ✅ No ripening
✅ Controlled dosage of taste (ease of use)          ✅ No bacteriological development
✅ Can replace fresh cheese flavours                     ✅ No loss of raw materials
✅ Less handling                                                         ✅ No waste of whey
✅ No refrigerating / energy cost saving




1. Melt the fat at approx. 50°C.
2. Mix liquid ingredients at 20-22°C.
3. Mix dry ingredients and add to the water phase at 20-22°C.
4. Add the fat and increase the temperature to 70°C.
5. Homogenize at 78°C/175 bar pressure according to fat percentage.
6. Pasteurize at 84°C for 30 seconds.
7. Cool down to 5°C.
8. Agening overnight in ice water.
9. Freezing, light extrusion with 100% overrun.
10. Fill into forms etc.
11. Overnight freezing in hardening tunnel at -30°C.
12. Store at -25°C.