Due to its multiple health benefits and functional properties, dietary fiber has been widely researched in the last few decades. Several studies reported that consumption of high-fiber yogurt may prevent or reduce obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypercholesterolemia, gastrointestinal disorders, hypertension and many more conditions.

Considering it is now known that a lack of fiber in one’s diet can be the cause of many nutrition-associated illnesses, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has been recommending an average daily fiber intake of 25g (EFSA, 2010 European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) (2010). With the availability of a range of functional and nonfunctional fibers, manufacturers today can decide to use them for their health benefits (meaning higher dosage) or functional properties (with an aim to improve the texture and prevent syneresis in their products).

Dietary Fiber can be used in two ways:

  • To fulfill dietary needs
  •  As a texturant

The citrus fibers from Fiberstar sold under the trade name Citri-Fi® are isolated bland fibers which come from citrus fruits like orange and lime. Citrus fiber is made from juice cells, peels, rag or segment membranes, and cores from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tangerine. Citrus fiber contains carbohydrates, fiber (total dietary, soluble, and insoluble), protein, and ash. The fibers are polymers of simple sugars and possess very high-water binding capacity. Owing to this property, Citri-Fi® is used as a texturant i.e. to provide firmness and body to the products. Such fibers are commonly used in meat applications like burger patties, sausages, etc. but recently, they are also showing promising results in other food sectors including dairy.

Apart from giving a nice body and texture to the products, Citri-Fi® is a clean label and all-natural additive. The market today is booming with innovation, with new products by various big manufacturers filling up shelf space at a rapid pace. But, with new productcome new ingredients, new additives and new E-Numbers. According to the survey conducted by The British Food Journal, more than 43% of consumers do not know what an E-Number indicates while another 47% were able to identify them incorrectly. In the same survey, it was observed that nearly 58% of consumers preferred a product with no E-Number and 48% of them were willing to pay a premium price for the same. The E-Numbers have been a big barrier between a manufacturer and a consumer because this causes a communication gap between the two. Not only are the E-Numbers confusing, but sometimes they could also be very misleading. In order to avoid any confusion, it is always a better idea to avoid mentioning any E-Number on the label. The best way to achieve this is to use all-natural additives like Citri-Fi®.


Functional Benefits:

  • Provides texture to the product
  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Prevents syneresis
  • Provides rich mouthfeel
  • E-Number-free
  • All-natural product
  • Very low dosage required
  • Potential cost saving

Dietary and Health Benefits:

  • Helps in regulating bowel movement
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps against non-communicable diseases (oat beta-glucan)
  • Gives the sense of ‘fullness’ and satiety
  • A good way to achieve fast weight loss

Citri-Fi® doesn’t just hold water, Citri-Fi® binds it!

EFSA and USFDA have laid the guidelines about fiber-enriched food product claims as below:


A claim that a food is a source of fiber, and any claim likely to have the same meaning for the consumer, may only be made where the product contains at least 3g of fiber per 100g or at least 1,5g of fiber per 100 kcal.


A claim that a food is high in fiber, and any claim likely to have the same meaning for the consumer, may only be made where the product contains at least 6g of fiber per 100g or at least 3g of fiber per 100 kcal.

Denico is one of our key partners who have developed a blend of inulin, soluble wheat fiber, and psyllium husk which can be easily incorporated into any liquid or solid dairy product. The fiber blend has no taste of its own and possesses very good solubility. The key ingredients of this fiber blend, wheat and psyllium, have been an integral part of dietary habits in many cultures around the world. The product is natural and E-Number free. The fiber-enriched dairy products have gained substantial popularity in the global markets, but there still exists tremendous growth potential in the GCC market.

Below are some of the high fiber products already available in international markets: