Demanding consumer lifestyles are now replacing routine mealtimes with snacking concepts. Nutrition, convenience and portability are key terms here as these snacks need to satiate appetites and be convenient and portable to travel with the consumer. Nutritional needs for such snacks differ according to the specific moments of consumption during the day.

The protein boom has been a strong and prevailing trend for over a decade as proteins move from the niches to the mainstream, with mass appeal of claims such as “satiety” and “everyday energy.”

Texture is an important driver for taste perception for food and beverages and is the focus of many of today’s food innovations. Brands are also being creative in describing texture or including a texture claim in a product name.


BEKAPLUS BP 800 is an optimized milk protein system specially designed for application in protein enriched dairy beverages with:

✅ A clean flavor profile

✅ Smooth texture

✅ No sedimentation or precipitation during high temperature treatments

✅ No gel formation at high protein levels

✅ Well-balanced viscosity profile

✅ Applicable in water and milk systems

✅ Protein content min 80 %

✅ Clean label (E-number free)

Benefits of Bekaplus BP 800

Sedimentation and protein coagulation in protein containing beverages is the result of protein denaturing and improper stabilization

✅ BEKAPLUS BP 800 is based on native dairy proteins – even through harsh environments of UHT processing
✅ BEKAPLUS BP 800 is an optimized protein system that
delivers premium quality

Application of BEKAPLUS BP 800