With 25 years of experience in biotechnology, Galactic has become a leading provider of natural solutions in the food, feed, personal & healthcare and industrial markets. Based on its valuable experience in the fermentation of lactic acid and other derivatives, Galactic continuously develops sustainable, innovative and health-friendly solutions in the field of food safety, nutrition and green chemistry. With headquarters in Belgium and production facilities in Europe, Asia and America, Galactic has progressively developed its portfolio of natural solutions in order to meet customers’ needs, wherever they are in the world.






Mainly composed of Nisin and Natamycin. Some of the best natural anti-microbial solutions

Cheese, meat and a variety of other applications to prevent bacteria, fungi or yeast spoilages


Range of sodium and potassium lactates.

Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and industrial applications


Range of calcium lactates that acts Calcium supplement, gelling agent, flavor enhancer, as lifting agent, anti-scale agent, binding agent for tablet

Food, animal nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products


Range of tailor-made blends with main usages including bacteriostatic agent, shelf life extension, preservative, pH regulator, etc

Meat, sauces, dressings and confectionary applications

Galimax-ProMeatTM and Galimax-ProMeat PlusTM

Food safety solution and shelf life improver without impacting taste, texture and odor

For all kind of meat products including both cured and non-cured


Clean label made by fermentation of sugars with taste-enhancement properties

Meat, sauces and dressings, ready-to-eat preparations, flavorings


Range of lactic acid

Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications