Flavourstream, located in Sibiu, Romania, was established to supply specialized browning agents, smoke flavors and natural flavors with savory and smoky notes for the meat & fish, spice blender, flavor and food industry.

The company’s team members are expertly trained and highly experienced in the production and application of flavors, specifically those related to smoke profiles. Flavourstream manufactures its products in Europe and markets worldwide through a strong distribution network.

Flavourstream, in partnership with Food Specialities Limited, will be showcasing their solutions at the Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition for the first time. The FSL team is looking forward towards introducing our new partner and their products to the region’s food industry.



This range is a flavor and browning enhancer that adds a golden-brown color to any foodstuff upon heating. Goldenstream also offers products that can be labelled as natural flavors.Typical applications are in sausages, bacon, hams, meat delicatessen, poultry cuts, batter and breading applications, marinades, minced meats, convenience foods and bakery applications.


The Naturestream range is the perfect solution for adding smoky notes to the final food with natural labeling. It adds smoky, BBQ, smoked bacon and bouillon notes to the final product.Typical applications are in snack seasoning blends, all types of savory flavors, BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs, soups, sandwich spreads, pizza dough and sauce, meat delicatessen, injection brines, meat emulsions and vegan applications.


This range has the highest browning capability in the market today, and a smoky flavor that can be adjusted to customers’ specific needs. The Smokestream product is designed to increase the shelf life of a long range of meat, fish, poultry and delicatessen products.Typical application techniques are atomization, showering and drenching of meat, fish and poultry, dipping processes for “black smoked” meat delicatessen, tumbling and injection of meat and poultry, casing preparations and vegan food applications.


Firestream covers food ingredients and spices that are smoked traditionally with fresh smoke.Various woods such as apple wood, beech wood, maple wood, hickory wood, mesquite, cherry wood and oak wood add different flavor profiles.