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Fiberstar, Inc. is a privately held innovative biotechnology company focused on enhancing food performance by manufacturing and marketing value-added, plant-based food ingredients.

Its largest brand, Citri-Fi®, is a natural, highly functional citrus fiber sustainably produced. The physical patented process creates the high water holding and clean label emulsification properties. Citri-Fi is GRAS, non-allergenic, non-GMO and has no E-number.
This natural fiber line benefits meat, dairy, bakery, dressings, sauces, frozen food, beverages, plant-based foods and pet food through textural improvements, nutritional enhancements and/or cost savings.

Locations and Personnel:

Headquartered in River Falls, Wisconsin with manufacturing in Florida and Wisconsin, Fiberstar sells products globally in over 65 countries. Fiberstar’s team is comprised of scientists, engineers, customer service, manufacturers, marketers and a global sales team containing both direct sales and over 30 Distributors within a global network.

Product and Application Categories:

The Citri-Fi® product line includes:

  • Citri-Fi 100 Series – Citrus Fiber
  • Citri-Fi 150 – Citrus Fiber – Cost effective/Degree of Functionality/Higher Usage for Fortification
  • Citri-Fi 200 Series – Citrus Fiber and Guar Gum, Co-processed
  • Citri-Fi 300 Series – Citrus Fiber and Xanthan Gum, Co-processed
  • Citri-Fi TX – Citrus Fiber* (pilot samples only)

Meat Alternatives

Fiberstar, Inc. has been working diligently in creating solutions for meat alternative foods such as vegan or meat analog patties. Some of these solutions include using the Citri-Fi 100 series which provides emulsification since this fiber’s high surface holds and binds water and oil tightly. Also, the 100 series creates a moist and juicy texture. Another solution includes the new Citri-Fi TX citrus fiber which is being piloted in the market.

Citri-Fi TX texturized citrus fiber is recommended in meat alternatives to create firm and meatier texture. This natural ingredient can be used along with the 100 series to improve the meat analog overall quality. The usage ranges between 1%-3%.

Meat Alternative Foods

  • Meat Alternatives (Burgers, Sausages): stability, emulsification

Meat & Poultry

  • Injected whole muscle: increased yields, reduced purge and increased juicy texture, used in conjunction with phosphates to increase yields
  • Phosphate replacement: used with either rice starch, carrageenan and/or sodium carbonate to replace phosphates in injected whole muscle poultry
  • Kebab/gyros: phosphate reduction, increased yields, reduced purge
  • Emulsified meats: increased yields and improved texture
  • Ground meats: increased yields, reduced purge, moisture retention
  • Meat fillings: reduced oil separation, increased yields, stabilization
  • Meat extension

Dressing & Sauces

  • Mayonnaise: thickener, stable emulsions
  • Pourable (low oil) dressings: thickener, stable emulsions
  • Ranch: thickener, stable emulsions
  • Spoon-able (high oil): egg reduction
  • Vinaigrette: egg reduction

Clean Label and Green Positioning:

  • Labeled as Citrus Fiber, Dried Citrus Fiber or Citrus Flour
  • Non-GMO Project Certified (100 series only)
  • Allergen-free/gluten-free
  • Sustainable process and sourcing (not a grow to grind model)- Upcycled raw materials
  • No E-number

Patents and Fiberstar’s Innovation Pipeline:

Fiberstar’s clean, innovative citrus product technology is evidenced by the scores of patents it holds. The R&D group continues to pioneer new uses in various applications using this natural citrus ingredient reflecting the most recent market trends. By collaborating with customers, in and out of the lab, they craft solutions that address the markets’ needs.

Below include the most recent advances within Fiberstar’s innovation portfolio.

Plant-based Foods Initiatives:

In response to the plant-based foods trend, Fiberstar, has created new technologies in the following areas:

  • Meat Alternatives: Replace methyl cellulose with clean ingredient system for

both hot and cold processes; uses plant-based oils to help reduce or eliminate solid fats in the product

Clean Label Initiatives:

In response to the growing need for clean label solutions, Fiberstar continues to develop new uses to clean up labels across various food applications. Citri-Fi can replace several ingredients referenced below:

  • Sauces & Dressings: Starches, gums, pectin, hydrogenated fats,chemical stabilizers & emulsifiers
  • Frozen Foods: Chemical stabilizers, starch, gums
  • Meat Alternatives: Methyl cellulose
  • Meat & Poultry: Starches, gums, carrageenan, allergens, hydrogenated fts, phosphates, chemical stabilizers

Health and Wellness Initiatives:

Maintaining and improving overall wellbeing is a significant driver across all consumer segments. Better-for-you formulating uses Citri-Fi for:

  • Improving nutritional profiles when using a highly functional fiber
  • Fiber contribution; Approved as a fiber under FDA’s fiber regulations
  • Improving texture and quality of allergen-free foods
  • Reducing calories by oil, fat or egg replacement
  • Improve texture of sugar-reduced foods

Cost Savings Initiatives:

Customers are constantly looking for novel ways to reduce costs. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Extending expensive food products such as fruit/vegetable pulp,coconut milk, dairy, tomato, egg, meat
  • Replacing pectin, gums and other expensive stabilizing systems

Fiberstar, Inc. Citri-Fi 100 Series is Non-GMO Project Certified

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