FSL is developing a range of trans-fat free and sugar-free healthy spread solutions in our innovation lab. A key ingredient we are working with is AAK’s Akospreadrange produced without any Palm Oils or Hydrogenated Fats. This versatile ingredient range allows manufacturers to create healthier trans-fat free versions of convenient and indulgent foods, such as chocolate or hazelnut spreads, which consumers love.

Choosing the right fat is always a key consideration when producing high-quality spreads as the choice of fat significantly influences the taste, consistency, structure, shelf-life and overall stability of the final product. FSL can help manufacturers create an excellent tasting, shelf stable and healthy range of sweet and savory spreads with the Akospreadvegetable fat range. When combined with Akofine STX as an oil binder, manufacturers can achieve the following benefits:

  • Clean Label Solution – Contains Non-Hydrogenated Fats which are low in saturated fatty acids and good for cardiovascular health.
  • Sustainable Solution – No Palm Oils
  • Excellent stability against oil separation
  • A soft and creamy texture directly from the fridge
  • Excellent stability in warm climates

Trans-fats are likely to face a ban in the GCC region in the next few years due to their documented negative impact on human health.

( In a post-COVID world where health is a key decision driver and unhealthy ingredients such as sugars and trans-fats facing tax implications, these healthy solutions will serve as the foundation for a thriving future and the evolution of delicious and healthy spreads in our region.