Galactic’s Solutions for the Confectionery Industry

The confectionery market has shown an increasing need for natural solutions to create indulgent but healthy products which are either plant-based, keto-friendly or gluten-free.

In addition to taste, consumers want to be assured that their food choices don’t have a negative impact on health. They want natural ingredients, adequate nutrition, quality over quantity and the ability to understand what’s in their product. As a result, confectionery manufacturers may face some pressing challenges when it comes to meeting these needs and need to pay close attention to these fast-shifting market dynamics.

In response, Galactic has developed a range of natural and health-friendly formulations enabling confectionery producers to enhance the consumer flavor experience while improving shelf-life and texture.

Galactic’s range of lactic acids represent efficient natural and safe solutions for flavor, texture improvement and fortification in confectionery products such as:

  • Hard-Boiled Candies
  • Soft Candies (Jellies, Wine Gums)
  • Chewing Gums

Organic acids are present in :

  • Hard boiled candies
  • Soft candies (jellies, gummies made with gelatin, agar, carrageenan)
  • Fruit-filled hard candies
  • Sugar-sanded soft candies
  • Extruded candies
  • Effervescent tablets (acid & sodium bicarbonate)
  • Fortified candies
  • Chewing gums

Galactic and FSL have been long term partners and leading suppliers of natural lactic acid solutions in the Middle East food industry.