FSL and AAK: Healthy fat solutions for spreadable Halawa application

Looking to improve your “free from offer “, product stability or extend selflife? Want to enhance taste or mouthfeel? Need to develop quality and consist- ency? Our innovative and functional ingredients from AAK can provide the answers you need.

The Akospread fat solution range, combined together with Akofine STX, provide manufacturers with excellent uniformity, oxidation stability and homoge- neity against oil separation which will make your product stable at room temperature and provide a visually appealing finish on the shelves. This solution offers a softer product with a better mouthfeel and taste and helps to extend the shelf life of your products.

The recipe below is the suggested formulation for a spreadable halawa application. For a spreadable Chocolate Halawa, Cocoa powder should be added at 6% and skim milk is to be reduced from 12% to 6 % of the total recipe. The total fat percentage should be maintained at 36 to 37% of the total recipe.

  • AKOFINE-STX –Powder form (2%)
  • AKOSPREAD (20%)

Spreadable Halwa %

Akospread 20

Tahini 20

Akofine STX 2

Full cream milk powder 6

Skim milk powder 12

Sugar 40

Total 100