Cocoa Supply & Demand Situation - Q2 2019

Cocoa arrivals at ports in Côte d’Ivoire remain stronger than the levels reached last sea- son. As at 13 May 2019, cumulative cocoa arrivals, since the start of the 2018/19 crop season, were seen at 1.9 million tonnes, up by 14% from 1.661 million tonnes reached during the same period in the previous sea- son. Between the start of the mid-crop on 1 April and 12 May 2019, cocoa beans at Ivorian ports totaled 247,000 tonnes, up from 167,000 tonnes recorded during the same period last year. In Ghana, sources from the country’s cocoa sector regulator, COCOBOD, mentioned that the Ghanaian 2018/19 crop output is expected to retreat by 6% to 850,000 tonnes because of dis- eases and adverse climate conditions that prevailed in the main cocoa producing ar- eas. As at 28 April 2019, data posted by the Bahia Commercial Association showed that, cumulative arrivals of cocoa beans in Bra- zil since the beginning of the 2018/19 crop year attained 70,634 tonnes; 21% lower as compared to 89,191 tonnes recorded the same period of the previous season.