Cleaner Labels without Calcium Salts using GRINDSTED Pectin

As consumers become more health and label conscious, they are seeking healthier sugar reduced options with cleaner labels.

GRINSTED Pectin Prime 541 for reduced-sugar jams, fruit spreads and ice creams helps clean up labels by removing the need for calcium salts. Calcium salts are added to low-sugar jams for texturizing purposes. (Pectin, however, must still be declared on the ingredients list.)

Natural batch-to-batch variations in the calcium content of fruit can have a major impact on the texture of the spread. In reduced sugar systems, a limited amount of calcium is added to increase the viscosity and the set temperature of the jam and hence to facilitate the suspension of the fruit and achieve a more appealing texture.

GRINDSTED can also be used in reduced-sugar spreads made with fruit juice concentrates and sweeteners, or other fruit-based products such as toppings, fruit sauces, fillings and ice cream ripples.

This product has been developed specifically to meet customer requests, with demand principally coming from European manufacturers of fruit preparations, jams and jellies.

Pectin is usually made on a commercial scale using citrus peels.