Citrus Fiber: A Natural Way to Improve Moisture Retention, Texture & the Freshness of Baked Products

Citri-Fi Citrus Fibers are a clean label food ingredient produced from dried citrus fruits. This process, which is free from the use of any chemical modifications, provides high water holding and emulsification properties. As a result, Citri-Fi is able to improve the freshness of savory and sweet baked goods including gluten-free versions. This natural ingredient offers consumer friendly labels by reducing or replacing chemical-based or synthetic ingredients.

In fillings, Citri-Fi creates a bake stable and natural texture. In the end, this upcycled ingredient produces cleaner and more sustainable bakery products.

Key Functional Benefits:

  • Improved Texture, Soft Crumb & Tender Bite
  • Extended Freshness Over Time
  • Natural Emulsification
  • Heat Stability
  • PH Stability
  • Freeze / Thaw Stability
  • Pectin, Starch or Gum Replacement

Key Attributes:

  • Sustainable & Upcycled
  • Contributes Fiber
  • Non-Allergenic / Gluten-Free
  • Vegan / Vegetarian / Plant-Based
  • No E-Number (100 Series only)

Citrus fiber is made from juice cells, peels, rag or segment membranes and cores from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tangerine.

Citrus fiber contains carbohydrates, fiber (total dietary, soluble, and insoluble), protein, and ash.

Citri-Fi Citrus Fiber Usage In Bakery

Food Application



Recommended Usage Level

Fillings: Fruit and Other

Heat Stability
Improved Texture

100FG, 200FG

0.25% – 1.00%

Pectin Extension


1.50% – 2.50%

Bread & Buns

  Moisture Retention

Texture Enhancer / Emulsification

100, 100FG, 100M40

0.25% – 1.00%


Moisture Retention


0.30% – 1.00%

 Fat Reduction

100, 200

Egg Reduction





0.50% – 1.00%


Moisture Retention / Chewiness
Fat Reduction

100FG, 200FG

0.25% – 1.00%


Texture Enhancer

Moisture Retention / Emulsification

100M40, 100FG, 200FG

0.20% – 0.60%


Fat Reduction


0.25% – 1.00%


Fat Reduction

100, 200

0.25% – 1.00%

Clean Label Bakery: Emulsifier Replacement

  • Fiberstar’s Emulsion Stabilizing Index shows Citri-Fi stabilizes 1.2 to 1.7 times more oil than mono-and diglycerides and 2 to 3 times more oil than lecithin.
  • Citri-Fi can replace mono-and diglycerides or lecithin while still maintaining superior crumb uniformity and freshness over time.

Incorporation Methods

  • Blend with dry ingredients or in oil before being added to the aqueous phase.
  • Additional water is typically added at a ratio of 1 part Citri-Fi to 3 – 8 times water.

Product Labeling

  • Citri-Fi 100 Line:Citrus Fiber, Dried Citrus Pulp or Citrus Flour
  • Citri-Fi 200 Line:(Citrus Fiber, Dried Citrus Pulp or Citrus Flour) + Guar Gum

Regulatory: Certifications & Qualifications

  • Non-GMO Project Certified (100 series only)
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  •  Pareve