Baking With A Dash Of Difference

FSL’s partnership with Ovodan egg powders will offer extensive benefits to our customers, ranging from convenience and ease of use, to uniformity and stability which will further improve the performance in the final product mix.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Ovodan’s Products

1.Can we get the product as per our specifications?

✅ Ovodan’s egg products can be tailor made to suit your specific requirements.

We make customized nutritional egg powder blends too.

2.Are Ovodan egg powders safe to consume?

✅  Yes, our products are Dairy free, NON-GMO, Halal, gluten free and do not contain melamine or dioxin. Moreover, they are radiation free too. Certificates can be provided upon request.

3.Are Ovodan egg powders processed for de-sugaring?

✅  Ovodan products are de-sugared (<0.6%). The de-sugaring (fermentation,glucose elimination) is carried out as a separate pre-treatment operation prior to drying of egg white. Selective yeast strain is used for de-sugaring. Our whole egg powder is claimed to be much whiter when used for baking application.

4.What are the major benefits or advantages of using Ovodan egg powders in comparison to whole egg application?

✅  Many food industries can benefit from using pasteurized egg powders. Egg powder products compared to shell eggs provide a high grade of convenience which include:

  • Minimum of waste;
  • Easy dosage;
  • Minimum room for storage;
  • Lower manpower required for handling;
  • High level of food safety;
  • Different egg blends which require little or no preparation eases the handling and minimizes the risk of errors

5.How can Ovodan egg powder be dissolved before use?

✅  The best way to dissolve whole egg powder or egg yolk powder is to use a mixer and to let the water circulate while adding the powder gradually.

6.What are the proportionate ratios of Ovodan egg powder and water required to dissolve it?

✅  Whole Egg Powder

  • 100 g of whole egg powder dissolved in 300 g of water corresponds to 400 g fresh whole egg (approx. 8 shell-eggs).

✅  Egg Yolk Powder

  • 100 g of egg yolk powder dissolved in 125 g of water corresponds to approx. 225 g liquid egg yolk (the yolks from approx. 12 shell-eggs).

✅  Egg Albumen Powder

  • 100 g of egg albumen powder dissolved in 700 g of water corresponds to approx. 800 g of fresh egg white (the albumen from approx. 25 shell-eggs).
  • In some applications up to 900 g of water can be used with 100 g of egg albumen powder.