GRINDSTED® ES 257 is a cost-effective solution for set yogurt combined with partial replacement of 1.5-2% SMP
without losing gel strength and syneresis control. GRINDSTED® ES 257 provides yogurt manufacturers with the tool to maintain a stable product quality throughout the year without seasonal variations.


➢  A more stable product quality

➢  High gel strength combined with good syneresis control

➢  A cost- effective stabilizer suggestion for set yogurt through the                     replacement of 1.5-2% SMP

➢  A gelatin-free product solution

Usage levels:

0.20-0.25% GRINDSTED® ES257


  • Good syneresis control
  • High gel strength
  • Partial replacement of 1.5-2% SMP

Grindsted ES 257 Provides:

➢  Maintaining gel strength

➢  Good reduction of syneresis

➢  Substitution of 1.5-2% SMP is possible

➢  Complete substitution of SMP is not advisable

➢  Positive effect on production costs


Emulsifier (E471); pectin (E440)

Benefits in your applications:

  • Increased shelf life
  • More stable product quality
  • Cost saving


NZMP launched two new products in the market recently.

Protein+ Instant Milk Powder

NZMP Protein+ Instant Milk Powder has 25% more protein per serve than IWMP, with the same great functionality and creamy taste. Protein is a growing trend globally and with NZMP Protein+ Instant Milk Powder, you can differentiate from the competition with compelling label claims.

Consumer benefits

➢  25% more protein per serve than IWMP*

➢  33% of Daily Calcium needs and 16% of Daily Protein needs*

➢  Creamy taste

➢ High in vitamins A and D

➢ Premium nutrition for active families

(* Based on 30g serve. Each 30g serve provides 33% of Daily Calcium needs and 16% of Daily Protein needs (Recommended Dietary Intake for NZ Adults). Local regulations should be consulted for permissible claims)

Ingredient benefits

➢Differentiate from the competition with compelling label claims.

➢Excellent performance in multiple applications including beverage and tea or coffee whitening.

➢CODEX standard for partly skimmed milk powder. ➢Quality you can trust.

Sensory profile of High Protein milk powder compared to IWMP Mean intensity recorded (0-9 point category scale)


Ingredient list:

Cow’s milk, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D


Protein                          30%

Fat                                  12%

Carbohydrate              48.6%