Executive Chairman Statement

FSL was born in 1986. With little capital, high ambitions and a burning desire to succeed, I ventured into the food industry. The first step on this journey was researching the food ingredients and agro commodity business. A momentous decision was to associate FSL only with the leaders in their respective fields. The Internet did not exist in those days and identifying and building relationships with the industry leaders was a time-consuming and demanding process which required constant travel from one continent to the other.

However, I persisted in this vision which eventually led us to achieve the mark we have in the industry today through associations with organizations such as DuPont, Agrana, Austria Juice, Fonterra, Cargill, Blue Diamond Almonds, Valio, Almondco and various other industry leaders across the globe.

However, our job was never just about selling; our core philosophy was to add value to the industry by providing technical support in developing new products, re-engineering existing products and by developing close relationships with our customers and their markets to fully understand their needs. I believed that if we could obtain these goals, the selling would take care of itself.

Today, in the juice, dairy, bakery and confectionery sectors, there are over 300 successful products currently on the shelves where FSL has contributed to their development and launch since 1987. FSL also carved a niche for itself in the sectors of FMCG marketing, dairy and agro commodity trading and within the Food Service industry.

Perhaps the most important factor of our success is our employees and the strong teamwork that has driven the company since the beginning. We are a people’s company where our most valuable assets walk in early in the morning and often leave late at night. It is their dedication and spirit that has brought FSL to the forefront of the food and beverage industry. I humbly wish to thank each and every one of them.

After spending 40 years in the Middle East food sector, I am proud to have participated in the growth and evolution that we have seen in the region. The local governments have been extremely supportive and I laud their vision and foresight.

My vision of FSL remains unchanged – a world-class company built on a platform of utmost professionalism, integrity and long-term partnerships.

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